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DRET2 - Next Phase Customizeable Characters by darien13
DRET2 - Next Phase Customizeable Characters
Putting it in-engine and setting up the bast customization options.
DRET2 Shader Test by darien13
DRET2 Shader Test
Updated the prototype models so they would look more like the characters from DRET 1. Trying to get a soft SSS skin look in-engine.
DeSagres Province - Open World Map Evolution by darien13
DeSagres Province - Open World Map Evolution
Been working on this open world game project for a long time and came up with these iterations.

- The first version was nice and compact, and put in all the major buildings necessary to tell the story at the time. But I later noticed that the scaling of the buildings was entirely off, and a lot of this happened when fitting things together. Also there should have been 3 distinct sections (West, Central, and East) and putting them too close made it really seem like one city.

- The second version kept the scale of buildings intact and I figured by now this would be finalized. I liked that West, Central, and East could be 3 distinct locations which could be closed off until later advancement of the game. My only regret is that I did not really make the city feel functional.

- Working a lot harder to make the province fit into a part of Mars, while also addressing past concerns, I feel this best represents what I wanted to do with the three cities. Almost every concern is addressed: Power, Water, Farms, City Halls, necessary commercial buildings, industrial, etc... The only thing I am troubled by is the width of the streets possibly being too wide in certain areas. There is also plenty of room to add more things. As of right now, the entire viewable map area is about 24 square kilometers.
GamerGate and The 8chan Exodus by darien13
GamerGate and The 8chan Exodus
Created this for "The Dankest of Themes" music video:…
To celebrate 1 year later after the Exodus and GamerGate. Left or Right: Vivian James, /v/, /pol/, and Polina.

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Jacob3908 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
I did love the "World Seed" concept.
Jacob3908 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Oh, and thanks for the watch.
Jacob3908 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Sorry, you're mention of SAO and the metaverse made me look out the window with a dreamy look in my eye.

I agree, they're not out of the woods yet and Facebook could easily f*** this up. I believe in this project though, and don't want anyone else to lose heart. Facebook gets to stick around for another decade, we get a better and more affordable product, and Luckey gets to see his dream become reality. Everyone wins.

Don't worry, in time we're gonna see some nice diversity in the market.
darien13 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I'm not upset or even mad. I'm concerned.

As far as hardware goes, there will be advantages because pretty much every insider has commented on custom hardware as opposed to just buying what's available. I know there are plans to embed Android, and I hope that means it will be hackable/rootable. We wouldn't want a cat&mouse game where people have to jailbreak a device just to use it the way we like. As long as it's the best we can get, people will buy it. This is an absolute. It's funny because some people think that others who don't appreciate the fact that we get better hardware (& Oculus doesn't die), are being shortsighted, but there's absolutely no rationale in arguing that VR is facing some apocalyptic threat from people who don't want Facebook mingling with something they like. The cat is out of the bag and VR is ripe.

Now the software + metaverse is what really concerns me. This is what people are actually fighting for when they complain about this. If Oculus SDK comes with a built in ecosystem, it can be forced upon users simply through the user license. Even right now I'm not allowed to modify Oculus SDK without notifying Oculus. There's already regulation there. With Facebook as a parent company, I'm just hoping it won't be mandatory to go through a similar situation like with Apple in that all apps have to be approved and meet strict guidelines. I can see why Oculus dropped out of the VR standards-group now. Palmer's promises that things won't go sour are impossible to make. Even the ones he made are semantic at best. Yeah we won't need to log into Facebook, but for all we know, they can make a different platform that you'll have to log into. It will be called something else. There have not been promises about not collecting data and not monetizing your experience in a creepy way. Imagine walking through a virtual mall and a random NPC comes up and tells you that your friend purchased something erotic, and then he tries to sell it to you too. Now imagine that it wasn't true at all, but you would really have no way of knowing. Facebook has done that in the past. People have reported accounts of DEAD people "liking" things.

There's no sense in panicking though. Right now, and I kind of feel it like a current in a river, there's a call to developers to start building that metaverse infrastructure themselves. That's the market solution to the problem of Facebook's control. We already have Bitcoin, torrents, and other peer-to-peer technology and the very idea of this was introduced in Sword Art Online. A seed that spawns worlds by several different groups, with transferable characters/items/stats. So the avatar version of you will be ubiquitous in every online virtual experience. I believe that's what Oculus wanted, but Facebook's way of doing it will definitely infringe upon the openness of that vision. Without competition, there's no reason for them to do things better, so I feel that's the task at hand, and it's one I'm tempted to work on.
Jacob3908 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
So, what are your thoughts on Facebook buying Oculus Rift?

A lot of people on the internet have been pretty upset. I've been running around telling people that it's not the end of the world, but what do you think this'll mean for the Oculus and the industry?
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